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PowerKnowledge Suite

“Kid-friendly in both look and function...a well-crafted resource that will enhance student research.”
—School Library Journal


The PowerKnowledge Science Suite is a set of three online resources designed for upper elementary students and struggling middle school learners. Comprised of curriculum-correlated content, PowerKnowledge Science Suite promotes digital literacy and 21st-century learning skills while offering research, report, and homework help. Database articles and interactive content support STEM learning initiatives.

Core Concepts: Chemistry

“Packs well-chosen articles, activities, and resources into a user friendly interface…highly accessible and packed with informative material in an unusually uncomplicated package.”
—School Library Journal

“Best New Database!”
—Library Journal



Encourage students to explore the world around them from the subatomic level on up. Supporting STEM learning and the Next Generation Science Standards, this rich resource covers atoms, elements, chemical reactions, organic chemistry, biochemistry, the properties of matter, and more.

Core Concepts: Biology

“Rosen’s Core Concepts: Biology database is a welcome tool… an excellent database for students, especially ‘digital natives.’…a terrific amount of high-quality information in an easy-to-navigate format.”

“Best New Database!”
—Library Journal


Supporting STEM learning and the Next Generation Science Standards, this rich resource covers the study of life from adaptation to zooplankton, and includes such topics as animal systems, cell biology, ecology, genetics, microbes, plant structures, and more.

Core Concepts: Periodic Table

“An ideal database for young researchers...the amount of text beyond property stats and the clean, uncluttered ease of access are the elements that place Core Concepts: Periodic Table at the head of the pack.”
—E-Content Quarterly


Periodic Table's intuitive interface invites hands-on exploration to develop a deep understanding of the elements that make up our world. This resource supports STEM learning and immerses learners in the building blocks of each element, their discoveries and uses throughout history, and much more.

Digital Literacy

“Best New Database!”
—Library Journal


Help your 21st-century learners become savvy digital citizens by empowering them with the knowledge and skill set needed to safely and effectively navigate the digital world. Innovative interactive activities guide students to create unique user-generated content.

Financial Literacy

“This is a landmark resource for students to educate them and help them apply these concepts.
—Library Media Connection


Prepare teens for their financial future by making economics and personal finance readily comprehensible and highly engaging. Articles explore macro-, micro-, and global economics as well as personal and household finance.

Teen Health & Wellness

“Ground-breaking...A+. The front-runner in health information for teenagers and a definite must-have to all high school and public libraries.”
—School Library Journal

Winner of the 18th Annual Bessie Awards

World Wide Web Health Awards 2007

AEP Winner 2007

Eddie Awards Winner


Change a teen’s life with this thorough, accessible online resource. More than 650 articles available in 50 languages, with customizable hotlines and engaging student-created content and videos.




Your anytime, anywhere library with more than 6000 eBooks that support state and national content standards as well as the Common Core Standards for reading informational text.

Interactive eBooks

Spotlight on Space Science



Beautiful full-color photographs from real space missions and labeled illustrations will fascinate readers, while the engaging and informative text explains the formation of planets, their major features, the history of their exploration, and much more. Features include maps, charts, quizzes, and thrilling mission photos and videos.

Spotlight on Ancient Civilizations


Comprehensive Interactive eBooks integrate core social studies content with rich media support. Audio, videos, photos, maps, biographies, dynamic timelines, and primary sources help users explore life in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Spotlight on Texas

“Attractive and useful for Texas libraries.”
—School Library Journal


Multimedia resource for grades 4-7 that examines the unique history, geography, and culture of the Lone Star State from its earliest exploration to today through dynamic interactive timelines, primary sources, maps, videos, and teacher resources.

NEW! Spotlight on Texas: Set 2

Spotlight on Texas: Set 1

Enfoque en Texas


Multimedia resource in Spanish for grades 4-7 that examines the unique history, geography, and culture of the Lone Star State from its earliest exploration to today through dynamic interactive timelines, primary sources, maps, videos, and teacher resources.

Spotlight on New York

“A perfect way to jumpstart a Common Core focused collection of literary nonfiction. High value-adds like actor-read text-to-speech, dynamic maps and timelines, and definitions make these books a great investment.”
—Chris Harris, Genesee Valley BOCES, NY


Interactive series of eBooks that combines videos, activities, interactive timelines, primary sources, and teaching tools to provide a comprehensive understanding of the land, people, and rich history of New York State. Ideal for students in grades 4-7.

Mi Comunidad: Puerto Rico


Created especially for Puerto Rico Grade 3 students, this collection of 12 Interactive eBooks in Spanish uses engaging, colorful photographs and primary source materials. This series examines how technology, culture, development, geography, and technology have made Puerto Rico the diverse community that it is today.

CyberSmarts Staying Safe Online

“The simulations add an impressively engaging element to the ebooks that allow students to immediately practice the skills they learn through the text.” —School Library Journal

Winner of the 18th Annual Bessie Awards


Interactive eBook collection that provides students in grades 3-6 a safe and controlled environment in which to learn to make smart choices as they develop their online presence. An ideal way for schools to meet the requirements for state technology standards.

Teen CyberSmarts Staying Safe Online

“A valuable tool for secondary schools that want to delve into 21st century learning with students. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
—Library Media Connection


Innovative collection that simulates teens’ real Internet experience within a safe, guided eBook platform. Meet state technology standards and help students navigate hot button issues from cyberbullying to safety on social networks.

Character Strength


Interactive eBooks that use interactive writing prompts to helps students discover and develop key character traits. Activities and rich media hotspots focus on character strengths such as zest, grit, optimism, gratitude, and more.

Teen Character Strength


Utilizing the robust Interactive eBooks The 7 Character Strengths of Highly Successful Students, this program teaches students to discover and develop key character traits. Interactive digital content creation activities within each eBook give students the opportunity to explore each strength within themselves.

Interactive eBooks with Digital Content Creation Tools!

With relevant subject matter and appropriate grade reading levels, these e-books are a wonderful way to dovetail literacy and technology. RECOMMENDED.
—Library Media Connection


Robust new Interactive eBooks from PowerKids Press give students a safe place to explore and create. With leveled informational text, audio narration, text highlighting, and rich media hotspots featuring videos, charts, and maps, each book is a new adventure. Optional content creation tools guide students in creating their own blog, writing an email, creating a wiki page, and more!

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