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Authentic Primary Source Video Storytelling

The GBCStories Approach


Students will be able to participate in a range of discussions, activities, and projects according to their level of proficiency.


All lesson plans and instructional materials are in English and Spanish for a Bilingual or Dual Language student.


Stories that support critical thinking/writing across content areas. History, Social Studies, Language Arts, STEM, Social Emotional Learning.


Putting human faces on times, places, events in history, science, pop culture, and more!

Primary Source Library of Content

  • Authentic content — not available anywhere else!
  • 750 Primary Source Stories digital content available right now with thousands more to come!
  • Over 120 years of history covered:
    • The Great Depression. Famous People.
    • Military Stories: WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and more.
    • Holocaust Survivors. JFK. 9/11.
    • Professional Athletes. The Atomic Bomb. Segregation.
    • Life Experiences. Healthcare. Inventions.
  • And much more!

GBCStories is the only...

Supplemental Learning Curriculum where students can experience impactful moments through the eyes and ears of the people who lived them. Everything available in English and Spanish!

Find out why and how GBCStories came to be!

Benefits of GBCStories

  • Each lesson is connected to content and language objectives to foster empathy and understanding
  • Lesson Plans integrated with Social and Academic Vocabulary include visuals, graphic organizers, and specific vocabulary activities
  • Project-based learning and extended activities promote student engagement; collaborative conversations in small group and whole group settings
  • Aligned to Social Studies, ELA, SEL, National Frameworks, and State Standards
  • Offered in English and Spanish; Great for Bilingual and Dual Language Programs

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